Gloria Choi

Gloria Choi

Gloria Choi, Ph.D.,

Principal Investigator
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory

Phone: 617-324-7333
Office: 46-5023


Choi received her bachelor’s degree from University of California, Berkeley, and her Ph.D. from Caltech, where she studied with David Anderson. She was a postdoctoral research scientist in the laboratory of Richard Axel at Columbia University.

Research Highlight

My laboratory studies how sensory stimuli drive behavioral responses and internal states depending on past experience. We focus at the level of neural circuits, using olfaction as a model to address three central problems. First, we are working to anatomically and functionally delineate the circuitry that connects sensory representations to specific behavioral outcomes. Second, we are asking how learning transforms these circuits, and how neuromodulators shape and modify them. Third, we are asking how the brain maintains behavioral plasticity, to allow for context dependent behavioral adaptations in response the same sensory stimulus.

In understanding how learning links neutral olfactory stimuli with specificity and flexibility to appropriate behaviors, we hope to elucidate mechanisms fundamental to learning across all sensory modalities.