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Two Papers Published in Nature: Gut Microbiome to Cortical Dysfunction

September 18, 2017

“Reversing behavioural abnormalities in mice exposed to maternal inflammation” and “Maternal gut bacteria promote neurodevelopmental abnormalities in mouse offspring”

from Gloria Choi and Jun Huh labs, have been published back to back in Nature.

Nature Link (YS. Yim)»  View PDF (YS. Yim)»

Nature Link (S. Kim […]

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Anosmia Article

April 5, 2016

In a recent article published by the Guardian, people share their experiences of their lives without a sense of smell, and how it alters much of their social behavior and emotional state.

In several of our research projects, we are working towards understanding the link between olfaction and […]

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Maternal Immune Activation Paper Published in Science

“The maternal interleukin-17a pathway in mice promotes autism-like phenotypes in offspring”
by lead authors Gloria Choi, Yeong Shin Yim, has been published in Science. In addition, The McGovern Institute for Brain Research Newsroom , Boston Business Journal, and Science Daily have also released articles regarding […]

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Oxytocin Paper in Neuron

“Oxytocin Mediates Entrainment of Sensory Stimuli to Social Cues of Opposing Valence”
First Co-Authored by Han Kyoung Choe and Michael D. Reed, the Choi Lab’s first paper has been published in Neuron.
Science Direct link»  PubMed link»  View PDF […]

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“In Search of Smell’s Meaning” Article featured in McGovern Newsletter

In this month’s issue of Brain Scan, the McGovern Institute’s Newsletter, the featured article gives a look into the workings and life at the Choi Lab. Gloria and the team enjoyed sharing a “behind the scenes” view of what goes into building a lab and working […]

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Research Career Advice from Gloria Choi and other Scientists

December 23, 2014

As an extension to Cell’s “40 Under 40” article, interviewing forty scientists all under the age of 40 (Gloria Choi among them),  Gloria is also one of five researchers that gives advice to early career scientists pursuing research; sharing her experience and perspective. The article can be […]

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Cell Magazine Celebrates its 40th Anniversary, Interviewing 40 Outstanding Researchers

To mark the anniversary of 40 years in publication Cell has interviewed 40 researchers in diverse biology fields, all of whom are under 40 years old and made amazing contributions in their research. The article focuses on the individuality and uniqueness of the men and women behind groundbreaking […]

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Human Frontiers Awards Post Doctoral Fellowship to Han Kyoung Choe

March 31, 2014

The Choi Lab congratulates its Postdoctoral Fellow Han Kyoung Choe on being awarded a Post Doctoral Fellowship from Human Frontiers […]

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Nine MIT researchers win Sloan Research Fellowships

March 19, 2014

Three neuroscientists, three chemists, two mathematicians, and an ocean scientist from MIT are among the 126 American and Canadian researchers awarded 2014 Sloan Research Fellowships, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation announced today.

New MIT-affiliated Sloan Research Fellows are: Gloria B. Choi, an assistant professor of brain and […]

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